How Does Your Garden Grow ? Energy Work-Workshops


Energy Healing , Nature And Animal Communication

A Unique Workshop Series by Wendy Datta

   ” New Horizons”

Connectivity & Communication Part3

Special Event

May 25th -27th 2018

Limited  Number Of Spaces Available





  We will be looking at and experiencing some of the deeper aspects of self-healing-

Mind,body and spirit are all connected. Continuing our journey with nature and the animals, this workshop is for those with a sincere desire to heal and transform in practical ways.

Based in the west of England we will be travelling far into nature and working with the equines.

You will also  have a unique opportunity to hear and learn from those involved in deep

therapy work to gain from their experience and perspective. You will be working with Wendy and with practical energy work exercises and you will be learning front-line from  the equines grounded in nature and other animals who may chose to join us.

There will be time to connect with others  and  for  recreation during this intense healing and   participative workshop.

The Investment price is £399 which includes tuition,  transport and excursions. Meals not included or accommodation. Light refreshment and a coffee break  are  included on our  Saturday excursion.

Favourable hotel rates are available £55 for a single room , £77 for a double room with full English breakfast included.

A bridge  is now offered before the path  is closed.  Come now if you can..


Please email Wendy at for further information



Here is a  film  clip from some  recent  workshops





2. 15th-17th September 2017 Connectivity & Communication Part 2






Build and develop you energy connect with nature and community.

Learn and experience through fun, feelings,

discipline,connectivity and communication.

Those attending the workshops who are committed to their

personal growth,are developing their natural abilities,

perception and confidence.


 We welcome those who have a care and respect for

  personal development ,animals, nature, well being and community.


Continuing our link with flora and fauna  we have been invited to beautiful locations not open to the public for sharing and to connect and learn in harmonious ways.




Connectivity & Communication




       For further information on workshops

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“Vibrational Change”

12th- 14th May 2017





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Workshop Completed










14th -16th October 2016 Autumn workshop





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              West Of England.
Workshop completed


“Nature And Nurture”


Spring Forth: Workshop Self Nurture & Communication


Nature & Nurture
June 3rd-5th 2016 .
 West  of England
 Workshop Completed- See Blog Post “Lightness Of Being”



“Self-Nurture And Communication”

8th to 10th April 2016

Self-Nurture & Communication

 West Of England England 8th-10th April 2016

Workshop Completed
See Blog post ” The April Workshop The Sharing”


Workshop A2  October 16th to 18th 2015

“Connectivity & Communication”



Workshop A2 Completed

See the Blog post  ” Workshop-Connectivity And Communication”

How Does Your Garden Grow?

 Workshop A1 Completed
Completed See the Blog post  ” The Workshop Carrier Pigeon