The Snow Cat

Dear  Reader, the words snow  cat  has  frequently come  to mind recently. Not  only  the  magnificent  Lynx in  the featured image but  also because Jessie and  Sammy made  a beautiful snow cat in the  yard the  other  week What  fun! they were giggling and  smiling as they helped to give it form It’s  whiskers  are …

Freedom Of The Light

Hello  Everyone, the  Winter Solstice is  the celebration of the entry of the  light as the  darkness recedes. At  this time  we  see darkness  in full focus  and there rage many battles. The darkness yields forth to the light and celestial peace restored, it must happen surely on an individual level eventually for those with a …

Bullish-Entry Of The Light (3)

Dear Reader, bullish?  the  magnificent  Highland Bull in  the  featured image  looks so  well cared  for  he  reminds  me of  the  expression “bullish” which means optimistic about  the future. Although  Highland Cattle are  not used in bull fighting being  a  nordic  breed they are  related connected to  the captive  bulls in Spain which are  used …

Pegasus Podcasts:Insights:The Nature Of Sound-A Perspective

The Nature Of Sound – A Perspective Dear Reader, we are excited about the Pegasus Podcasts series because we get a chance to learn from our guests. This episode is on the nature of sound. Thanks so much for the kind feedback. People say it’s a refreshing change. Those  of you on The Alliance With Gaia-the  animals, nature and self healing course (see; will have heard …

Postcard: Californian Butterflies

Dear Reader, a friend of mine sent me  a  “Postcard”-Californian Butterflies. A post card, sent  from a sun drenched  garden in north America aka “The Royal Gardens” for it hosts magnificent  humming birds  and  nurtures  splendid  creatures. I  am  like  many people  collecting postcards from different parts  of the  world. Butterflies  are an increasingly …

Saint George

Dear Reader, as you may know Saint George is a warrior Saint . Revered for his courage , chivalry generosity and humility. Saint George is a Patron Saint  of England and Georgia. Georgia is a county which lies  between Eastern Europe and western Asia. Saint  George is honoured in many cultures. His humane and courageous …

Athenian Gardener

Dear Readers, Dimitris an Athenian,  makes  fascinating book gardens. No matter where we are it is possible to connect  to the beauty of nature. The Greeks  of ancient  times are famed for their cultural contribution to many things including geometry,  its takes a keen sense of spacial awareness to  design these gardens. Athens was a …

Bird Song In The Rain

Dear Reader

a friend of nature recorded this beautiful chorus of bird song in the rain

on an English summer evening deep in the countryside.

We are grateful for the beauty and strength of Gaia.

We have no need to dominate and oppress and understand  Gaia will reclaim the earth

for nature, the animals and the children just as Stuart Wilde

told us long ago.

I hope you enjoy this beautiful expression of nature as much as we have.

Listening to the primordial sound of water-  rain and the natural bird song can be

as a  meditation helping to achieve more peace

Written by Wendy Datta

Posted 20th June 2017

Recorded by J D Video

All rights reserved.