Spring Lamb & Birds :Behold The Beauty Of Gaia

  Dear  Reader, the Spring  Lamb in the featured image is a creature of  beauty purity  and sweetness. It’s not  surprising  that  the Lamb  has been linked  to the  Celestial. The  Lamb does  not seem  helpless to me but  rather has an  intangible  strength and a knowingness don’t you  feel? just  like the  Cat  and  …

Bird Song In The Rain

Dear Reader

a friend of nature recorded this beautiful chorus of bird song in the rain

on an English summer evening deep in the countryside.

We are grateful for the beauty and strength of Gaia.

We have no need to dominate and oppress and understand  Gaia will reclaim the earth

for nature, the animals and the children just as Stuart Wilde

told us long ago.

I hope you enjoy this beautiful expression of nature as much as we have.

Listening to the primordial sound of water-  rain and the natural bird song can be

as a  meditation helping to achieve more peace

Written by Wendy Datta

Posted 20th June 2017

Recorded by J D Video

All rights reserved.

Birds Of Prey: White Owl & Owlet

Dear Readers, the pictures in this article were sent to me of  the wonderful and  rare sighting of a barn owl- Tyto albal now an endangered species.   The abandoned owlet found on the ground  in this post was unable to fend for itself, The fortunate owlet was taken to a reputable wild life rescue centre …

More On Alpacas

            Dear Readers, alpacas are often  referred to as”Fox Guards” the reason is because they will defend against foxes because foxes can take away baby alpacas “crias” as food. A herd of alpacas will chase a fox and if it is unfortunate enough to be cornered it will be trampled …


Dear Reader, the Bear stands for courage, protection and life . Brave hearts gather in peace they want to protect the land and the water supply at Standing Rock U.S. from oil excavation.-“The Black Snake Prophecy “. The prophecy long ago foretold by  Lakota- Chief Crazy Horse ( c 1842- 1877). One of  the great.. …

Play Time

  Dear Readers, play is important for children, and young animals e.g mammals and fun for  adults  too provided its respectful  and  non infringing. Over seriousness can be deadly, the cold trajectory of the intellect. We know play time is very important for children it enhances well being on all levels and helps with both verbal …

The Owl

Dear Readers, when I entered a local pet shop recently looking straight at me was a magnificent European Eagle Owl, his owner dressed as a “cat” with a painted face with whiskers. “The Owl and the Pussy Cat.” We will be hearing more about  animal face painting soon, children seem to have fun with it at times.   The …

Lightness Of Being

  Dear Readers, at the Pegasus Healing summer workshop “Nature And Nurture” we aligned to the lightness of being which is often forgotten ,though it is there for us all..   These are challenging times globally just as Stuart Wilde foretold, the global shadow unfolds and what we are… rather than who.. we are… is important. …

Entry Of The Light

Dear Readers, the entry of the light now dawns. The iconic images by Alejandro Cervantes the Spanish graphic artist and friend of the animals; are by kind permission reproduced here on the pegasus animal healing Blog. This post is dedicated to the Bulls and their families past and present and those who peacefully and persistently work …