The Owl

Dear Readers, when I entered a local pet shop recently looking straight at me was a magnificent European Eagle Owl, his owner dressed as a “cat” with a painted face with whiskers. “The Owl and the Pussy Cat.” We will be hearing more about  animal face painting soon, children seem to have fun with it at times.   The …

Lightness Of Being

  Dear Readers, at the Pegasus Healing summer workshop “Nature And Nurture” we aligned to the lightness of being which is often forgotten ,though it is there for us all..   These are challenging times globally just as Stuart Wilde foretold, the global shadow unfolds and what we are… rather than who.. we are… is important. …

Entry Of The Light

Dear Readers, the entry of the light now dawns. The iconic images by Alejandro Cervantes the Spanish graphic artist and friend of the animals; are by kind permission reproduced here on the pegasus animal healing Blog. This post is dedicated to the Bulls and their families past and present and those who peacefully and persistently work …

Pegasus Healing – Gaia File

   Dear Readers, Happy New Year. Thank you very much for your interest. The Pegasus Healing” Gaia File” by Wendy Datta is a collection of posts- articles, notes and jottings in recognition of Gaia’s Children-the animals and our connection to them as part of nature .    There is no monopoly over this vast field we are all …

What is Energy clearing? Radio Interview

Dear Readers,

in an interview on Frome Community radio with the singer Sara Vian  on her show ” Rock And Roll Revolution”, I  am asked to talk about  energy work and also animal communication, the co-presenter is Patrick Moss.

Here below is the  interview:

Posted 18th October 2015

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