Good News:Pet Trade

Dear Readers, in this post Good News:Pet Trade we mention light-entry of the light re the pet trade. I started to consider a post over a year ago about the plight of animal breeding for the pet trade but was not  sure how I would use the  featured  image. It’s a picture  which  gives a …

Bird Song In The Rain

Dear Reader

a friend of nature recorded this beautiful chorus of bird song in the rain

on an English summer evening deep in the countryside.

We are grateful for the beauty and strength of Gaia.

We have no need to dominate and oppress and understand  Gaia will reclaim the earth

for nature, the animals and the children just as Stuart Wilde

told us long ago.

I hope you enjoy this beautiful expression of nature as much as we have.

Listening to the primordial sound of water-  rain and the natural bird song can be

as a  meditation helping to achieve more peace

Written by Wendy Datta

Posted 20th June 2017

Recorded by J D Video

All rights reserved.

More On Alpacas

            Dear Readers, alpacas are often  referred to as”Fox Guards” the reason is because they will defend against foxes because foxes can take away baby alpacas “crias” as food. A herd of alpacas will chase a fox and if it is unfortunate enough to be cornered it will be trampled …

Lightness Of Being

  Dear Readers, at the Pegasus Healing summer workshop “Nature And Nurture” we aligned to the lightness of being which is often forgotten ,though it is there for us all..   These are challenging times globally just as Stuart Wilde foretold, the global shadow unfolds and what we are… rather than who.. we are… is important. …

Entry Of The Light

Dear Readers, the entry of the light now dawns. The iconic images by Alejandro Cervantes the Spanish graphic artist and friend of the animals; are by kind permission reproduced here on the pegasus animal healing Blog. This post is dedicated to the Bulls and their families past and present and those who peacefully and persistently work …

Sophie-Mystical White Tiger Cat

Sophie was a most exquisite venerable, oriental cat .She lived  for many years in Hong Kong and was very well cared for . Sophie was strong in  character yet soft, highly intelligent and seemed very mystical. Sophie had a long and peaceful  transition, she  passed away aged 19 1/2 years old on 25th  April 2016. Though  missed what …

Golden Girl

  Sailor was a most beautiful Golden Retriever , a “golden girl”, gentle, sensitive and fearless. She was much loved and appreciated. Sometimes just like humans, animals can be affected by hereditary disease which reduces their life span substantially. What happens to a particular person or animal can vary though in each case. Unfortunately cancers …