Animal Protection Society of Denia

We at APAD work as a team to provide the best help we can for dogs in our care 24 hours a day 365 days a year. Medical attention forms part of our daily service.

We are very pleased to observe the positive results of the techniques carried out by Wendy, who has attended our centre for almost a year.

Wendy attends dogs that require extra care. We have noticed positive results in the animals she has spent time with. The conditions that Wendy usually works with range from psychological and emotional trauma to physical conditions such as leismaniosis and cancer, giving the dogs a better quality of life.

The dogs enjoy and benefit from their healing sessions and some are able to go on “healing walks” with Wendy, which we have seen also improves their behaviour and well being. This in turn improves the animals chance of being adopted”

We are very grateful and highly recommend Wendy’s healing work.”

Lois Ford-Secretaria Directiva Asociaciónn Protectora de Animales de Denia, Spain

Cameron the Horse

My daughter and I co-own a horse, Cameron, who has contracted laminitis, a serious and potentially chronic hoof disease.

When we met Wendy we liked her instantly. She is smart, kind and knowledgable. We told her our story and she agreed

to assist us. Wendy has worked on Cameron from a distance, helping to heal his body and also to connect with him to assess his needs.

He is improving daily and his veterinarian is even predicting a full recovery. Wendy is a gifted healer and we are very grateful to her.”

Liz, Texas USA

Shirriah the Dog

Dear Wendy,

I want to thank you so much and extend my gratitude for your caring kindness and compassion in the remote healing you gave to my dog Shirriah.

Your talent of connecting with energy is a treasure and deeply valued because her back leg was in a sorry state and reduced to bone displaying a feeble bony framed limb with her muscles and tendon in atrophy (and non visible) due to what I assume was an accident when she tripped on stairs (it didn’t become apparent until some 6 months later hence my uncertainty) she is now a strong walking power force.

Her mind too was suffering due to badly missing her freedom, great runs in nature and exercise, not to mention the pain she must have been in and although she rarely complained, she became quiet and subdued, seeming depressed at times and simply couldn’t be bothered with too much. It was such an effort and so tiring for her to go on even a short walk.

I suspected arthritis in the hip also and this seemed confirmed by a neighbour relating the story of her daughter’s dog (also husky) which looked like the exact same problem and so had her put to sleep as she was in pain because of the weakened leg, hip joint and having no synovial fluid in the bursae sac.

This news put me in mode to seek someone who could transcend conventional treatments which Shirriah had received, to work on the higher profound level (energy level/frequency) to integrate with what I had already been doing which was providing a careful nourishing diet of pure foods and an external blend of good pure essential oils both of which were aiding her so.(but heavy moulting proved an obstacle for application by this time).

I asked the Heavens to send me someone and was so delighted when you popped up on Stuart’s site! You set into motion remote healing from England to Spain.

Here is the amazing part…….While lying fairly peacefully one night, Shirriah all of a sudden shot her head round to look intently at her withered leg and then tried to stand but for a moment both legs buckled. (this had not happened before and I knew you’d made contact with her) She found her footing and limped off outside then back again as if ‘It’s following me’! She was breathing heavy, eyes bewildered all full of questions and the next moment zonk! she was out like a light into a sleep….for about a minute then sat up and was all hyper with energy again then sleep again. She certainly was trying to work it out and kept looking at her leg. This pattern went on for some time after which she slept long and went to quiet peaceful places to rest for about a week. I requested another session as a top up of support even though she had improved greatly – her eyes were full of life again, her bossy self back and towing again like a husky with strong back legs in her furry trousers sporting the grace of Elmer Fudd from Bugs Bunny.

She was ‘back’ in the present all bounding with energy. And now she has merely a slight limp at times which is showing great signs of strengthening more.

What a contrast from rejecting her leg, that unhealed part of her . When the energy work began she seemed to know she was healing and her live wire buzz returned with force flowing freely which is clearly seen in her face as well as her actions with her symmetry balancing out. Wendy,you were spot on when you informed me of this as she was not compensating nearly so much as in past, she now only has a slight limp now and her leg is building up surely and strongly which reflects in her jumping!!! Yes!…and climbing too! and activities that she indulges so wholly in once again (this is an absolute joy to witness) and deserving of the expression, ‘Thunder thighs’.

You’re so good at what you do!

Thank you so much! Your attention was received with heart felt gratitude and I am sending some photos so you can see your great work for yourself. And heart beamed appreciation to you for your kindness, patience and thoughtfulness in sending your words of support and advice and also for telling me that she knew I was helping her because although I felt she did know, it was a great comfort hearing it from you.

Those long painful uncertain months now seem like a distant memory and it is as if we have picked up where we left off!

You have bathed this fur faced one in happiness once more.

Bliss and Blessings

Elaine, Spain

Pesto and Jack

We give our dogs great care, good food, a loving home, fun, play and now perhaps the greatest treat of all… Wendy.

Wendy works at a level we don’t see, but is so real and so effective. Anyone that wants the best for their animals would ask Wendy to be part of their care.

My 5 yr old rescue dog, Pesto, became lethargic and didn’t seem quite right. As soon as Wendy’s remote healing started, I could see a darkness lift from his eyes.

He changed into a happier puppy-like dog. His posture opened up, he smiled more and has lots of energy now! The work with Wendy lifted an emotional eating habit away from him.

My other rescue dog, Jack, is more engaged, social, and initiates play more with Pesto. The session cleared sadness from him and he’s even sweeter than he ever was!

The dynamic between the dogs has improved tremendously.

Thank you for sharing your gift with us and giving us the opportunity to assist our pets in healing and having a joyful, playful life.

Janelle, North Carolina, USA


My dog Jochie is 18 years old, I found him in the street, he was barely a year old. Jochie has always been a faithful friend, now he is old and sometimes his legs fail him.

One day I was out walking and I met Wendy. Jochie looked very happy when she touched him and did some healing on him so I asked her to do some more healing work after his session he could walk better, there really was an improvement.

He is remembered fondly for his tenacity, love and loyalty.”

Jochie passed away in May 2012 aged 19.

Sylphia Marsak Van den Berg, Spain

Lucy & Minx

Wendy worked with events and dressage horses Lucy and Minx at our centre.

Wendy formed an instant rapport with the horses and they were relaxed with her and willing to respond.

I also observed a physical change too ,where tight muscles relaxed.

Rachel Cook, Trainer and Manager, Marston Equestrian Centre, Somerset.


I would sincerely like to recommend Wendy to help with the healing of your animals. Wendy has helped me a great deal to help with the emotional as well as the physical sufferings that i have had, with my rescue horses.

Wendy has helped to heal my beautiful donkey who had suffered mental and physical abuse for most of her life. She was able to get straight to the problem and help Angel and myself to help Angel in the future. Wendy has been very generous with her time and energy and I truly believe that without her healing touch my horses would not have healed at the speed that they have.”

Thank you from the depths of my heart.

Leanne Preece

Formerly of Equine Dreams Natural Horsemanship and Rescue Centre, Spain


I have a little brown and white 10-11 year old Sheltie Collie Patches.

Every other week or so, she’d go to jump curbs, or climb steps and her legs would give out, causing to her to crash and hurt herself. She also would walk very slowly and gingerly, often limping for long periods at a time.

Following veterinary examination,I tried everything from changing her diet, rubbing essential oils on her, to MSM powder, but nothing worked. After I was introduced to Wendy I booked a distant healing session for Patches.

I’ve noticed that immediately afterwards and in the 3-4 weeks since then, she hasn’t fallen once, has more spring in her step and in general seems happier. She’s also more agile and has more energy.”

I can’t say Thank you enough to Wendy, for helping my little doggie feel better!

Josh Neidlinger, New Jersey, USA

PS – I’m Josh’s mom – I just wanted to say thank you very much Wendy did a healing on our dog Patches. She’s about 10 or 11 years old and was limping quite a bit due to arthritis. The healing was remarkable and it only took a few sessions, I noticed a big improvement in her energy. The limping has pretty much stopped completely too. I didn’t even know the healing was being done until Josh asked me if I noticed anything different with Patches. Please be sure to tell Wendy when you see her that I am so very grateful .

Smiles of Love,



I am the owner of Kissimo, A horse who has had a very challenging history which has caused him to be very mistrustful of humans in general, especially those he has not met before.

Wendy formed an instant rapport with him and , they rapidly developed a bond of trust.”

Tass, Somerset, UK


I own a terrier named Dennis, he is two years old and he always has frequent exercise. For the past two months Dennis has been out with Wendy on healing walks, during this time I have seen Dennis become much more relaxed and a lot less worried about everyday things. The relationship and communication that Wendy has developed with Dennis has really worked in terms of him being able to overcome the high levels of anxiety that he has experienced since he was a puppy.

In addition to Dennis feeling calmer, recently he has made good progress in his obedience training as the time spent in communication has helped him to grow up a bit and relax in himself.”

We really appreciate the effort that Wendy has put into helping Dennis to become a much more rounded personality.”

Ann, Somerset, UK


My name is Miguel Ángel Velasco. I am the owner of Perla, a 12 year old Samoyed, a very good playful dog.

3 years ago Perla started having epileptic fits alter various veterinary medical tests and investigation, it was discovered that diabetes was the most likely cause of her epilepsy. In February 2011 Perla had a serious epileptic fit the strongest to date. She was in hospital on a drip and heavily sedated with various tranquillizers.

2 days later when she started to recover, I took into account that Perla´s neurological system were damaged and diminished. Perla could not walk and lost control while eating, biting her food bowl when she did not want to including my wife and my hands when we gave her medication. Today after two months and various healing sessions with Wendy, Perla can walk unaided, her recuperation is spectacular. Perla also likes to play with other dogs and with balls.

Bit by bit she is recovering, taking into account her age and type of illness one can say that thanks to her treatment, her diet and above all, Wendy. Perla has begun once again to have a quality of life.

It is for this that I recommend to everyone, Wendy´s healing as much as for their animals as for themselves.”

My wife, Perla and myself are very grateful.

Perla lived on to reach the age of 13. Thank you Wendy for doing it so well!!

Miguel Ángel Velasco, Spain


I have a small animal shelter and Gracie, a 16.2 5 year old mare was brought to me just days before she was due to be euthanized.

I do not know all the details of Gracie’s background other than she had thrown off a variety of riders and was classified as “dangerous”.

To be fair when she arrived she was a complete liability to handle. She was extremely nervous and did not want anyone to touch her, let alone put a head collar on her. When being led she would be terrified of everything she walked past and would literally jump on top of you in fear of any noise or movement around her.

When Wendy first came to see Gracie I was very concerned to let her lead Gracie around in case she was trampled on by the horse.

Wendy took plenty of time talking quietly with Gracie in the stable and then just casually put her head collar on and walked her round the yard on a long rope and Gracie just completely relaxed and plodded along beside Wendy very calmly and placidly , it was extraordinary to watch.

Wendy has visited Gracie three times in all and we are now fully able to handle the mare. We have had her feet trimmed (as previously she would not let the Farrier near her), we have been able to have her back treated by an equine osteopath ( whereas previously we could not even put a brush on her back.)

We are now able to walk into the field and catch Gracie and take her away from

the other horses. She does not fret , she no longer wears her ears back on her head, she is generally now a very happy girl.,

Nina Harris, Somerset. UK


“I recently adopted a puppy – Jake, from a shelter, and soon thereafter a Veterinarian diagnosed him with distemper. I had pretty much given up on all hope of saving him after finding that the death rate from the disease often reaches 80%.

I contacted Wendy to schedule remote healing, and within hours of her beginning the session, the dog started showing immediate signs of improvement.

Jake has since made a full recovery, and I attribute his well being, to Wendy.”

We are truly thankful for what you have done!

Ron California USA


I have immense gratitude for Wendy helping our dog Hank. She is a true animal whisperer.

We thought he had a sprained ankle. It turned out he had osteosarcoma (bone cancer) in one of his legs. The veterinarian who initially diagnosed him didn’t think there was much we could do for him.

I got in touch with Wendy who was immediately responsive and she did a series of energetic healings for Hank. She explained how he had trauma from his life before us, as a rescued dog.

The most amazing thing was that Wendy was able to tell us how Hank felt. We did not know he was in so much pain. He is a very large pit bull, a breed that does not show pain easily. But his demeanor was so different we could not tell what the new signals were. He was trying to show us he was fine. He is so loving and loyal. But the cancer had broken his bone from the inside.

Wendy gave us information about caring for Hank while he remained under veterinary supervision. She suggested he not be exposed to too many people, as she was working on clearing dark resonances which Hank had absorbed prior to his rescue…things linked to his past trauma.

Wendy was there for me every step of the way. Her generosity, care and support helped me remain steady while helping Hank.

Hank’s energy brightened with each healing Wendy gave. His energy stayed strong enough to handle veterinary surgical hind leg amputation. I don’t think he would have been strong enough to withstand the amputation without Wendy’s help.

Wendy kept in touch the whole time checking on Hank’s progress. I am so amazed she was able to tell me how he felt. We followed her guidance and he responded every step of the way.

Wendy taught me so much. Not only that I was strong enough to be able to care for Hank with a very busy work schedule…but through her gift, he did not need to be euthanized like we were originally told. The vet informed us that even after the amputation and good postoperative veterinary care, he would only have 3-6 months to live.
Hank has been able to experience living in a safe and loving home.

Medical tests just recently (8 months later) show that Hank is completely cancer free!

Wendy’s work helped keep Hank alive when his energy was very low. His trauma and fear, as well as mine… have been healed. It may be called “codes”…. But I call it a miracle.

Bless you Wendy Datta. So much love to you.

Liz B. California, USA


Our little dog who has always been exceptionally bright and healthy, suddenly became critally ill within 24 hours.

The vets could find no explanation, saying that it may be neurological damage and that due to the severity of her symptoms we felt she would not survive for more than a few days.

We were grief stricken to see her in such a condition.

Wendy kindly did some remote healings on her and within a few days she was showing signs of improvement and within a week she was completely well again!

What was the most comforting is that Wendy was able to reassure me that I was taking good care of her and that our little dog

felt safe and loved… this made an enormous difference to me as it was extremely distressing seeing her so ill and not being certain whether she was feeling frightened or alone… or whether there was something else I could have done to help her.

Thank you so much Wendy, we are immensely grateful for your kindness, help and insight.

Your ability to connect with animals is remarkable… what a beautiful gift.

GH England



My best-buddy Oscar the cat (also known as Mr. Handsome, Mr. Grumpy & Mr. Catnip) got very sick and had fluid pumped from his lungs -

he looked awful and it was just heart-breaking. We contacted Wendy and within 24 hours, we noticed a significant improvement in Oscar’s behavior.

He started drinking water and became very receptive to our touch – he’s so much more at ease. Oscar went to heaven a week later but, his final week he was peace.

This was a priceless gift. The “science” & methodology of Wendy’s techniques and unique skill set is beyond my comprehension and I don’t expect anyone to understand

it either however, whatever she does has a profound positive impact on animals.”

- Ryan William


The cost of two remote energy clearing sessions is a minimum donation of $100.00 U.S

For this your animal will receive:

  • Two remote energy clearing sessions

  • An energy reading

  • You will receive two email or skype responses from Wendy.

  • To book a Healing session, Contact me, via the contact page

To do the healing session I will need three high quality   images of the animal concerned.

the specifications of the images are shown below.

  • Animal facing the camera, so I can see the details of its face and eyes.
  • Left side, nose to tail
  • Right side, nose to tail