The Animal Whisperer, Wendy Datta.

In loving memorial of Stuart Wilde, September 24, 1946 – May 1, 2013.

The  healing sessions I provide are a combination of intuitive readings and communication with the animals, as well as energy work through hands-on healing.

Healing sessions are suitable for a variety of animals  including horses, donkeys, dogs and cats.

All animals can benefit from the sessions for a whole range of conditions, be they physical, psychological or emotional. The animals I work with vary in age, temperament and condition.

I can do remote healings and energy work if I have a picture and location of the animal.

Wendy Datta has a unique ability to work with animals and people on a multidimensional level.

Perceiving the subtle etheric field, Wendy reads energy codes and signatures within the subtle etheric body.

Having trained with Khris Krepcik and Stuart Wilde to develop her own natural healing abilities, she can provide remote clearing from any physical distance.

As an “Animal Whisperer”, Wendy communicates intuitively with the inner feelings of animals, often building closer relationships between animals and their owners.

Wendy also provides energy  work  sessions for people, both remote and hands  on healing.

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How the Healings Work

At its deepest level, nature and all reality is made up of geometries and mathematics that we call fractal codes. Pictured here.

Wendy was taught by the mystical author Stuart Wilde to “see” the codes, via inner sight.

Considered by some to be one of the world’s greatest metaphysicians, whose love, healing and compassion for people, nature and the animals
touched many hearts on a global scale and brought about real change for the better.

The healing work referred to in Pegasus-Animal-Healing.Com, the website of Wendy Datta, was encouraged and inspired by Stuart Wilde .

Wendy  was subsequently taught by  former  student  of  Stuart Wilde, Khris  Krepcik the etheric  healer  and  metaphysical  teacher .

When a human or an animal gets sick, the fractal codes in the cells of their body go black and the symmetry breaks.

Wendy works to restore the natural balance in the codes of the animals, so what looks like a miraculous healing is in fact totally logical, it’s a simple rearrangement of mathematical formulas.



The services available from Wendy are not  designed to replace medical diagnosis and or treatment. Neither are they designed to  replace  medical advice, psychiatric or  psychological counselling  services.

Reference to fractal codes and energy clearing has not  been subjected to clinical trials, or substantiated by them.

Neither is it a  promise express or implied of  salvation  or  cure, it is  an  expression  of  the view of the author of

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